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AEP 2013 Starting Soon.

In just 13 days the Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage will begin and the normal frenzy to compare your current medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.  The question we most frequently get is what is AEP so this post is here to explain that to you.

AEP is simply a two month period where people who are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan can switch plans without any underwriting.  A common misconception is that it is also the only time that you can enroll in a Medicare supplemental insurance policy.  The truth is that you can change Medigap plans whenever you want but you will be required to go through underwriting whenever you change medigap plans outside of your initial open enrollment period (right when you turn 65).

The real push for AEP is in the Medicare Advantage plans.  You can re-evaluate your plan or, if you plan is no longer being offered, you can take a look at all the new plans that are available in your area.  You also have the option of leaving the Medicare Advantage and going back into traditional Medicare.  If you do this we recommend that you look at a Medicare supplemental insurance.  Many people struggle with this decision so we put together a post on Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage.

Overall AEP is a great opportunity to review your senior health insurance options no matter what plan you are currently on.

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